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I need Jesus Navas more than Theo Walcott

Arsenal bersedia untuk menawarkan € 15million untuk pemain sayap Sevilla dan pemain antarabangsa Sepanyol iaitu Jesus Navas. Pemain yang berusia 26 tahun ini dicadangkan oleh rakannya Satin Cazorla yang telah menyertai Arsenal pada awal musim. Navas telah menghabiskan keseluruhan kerjaya beliau profesional di Sevilla, membuat 350 penampilan untuk kelab Andalusia sejak diperkenalkan pada tahun 2003, dua hari selepas ulang tahun ke-18 beliau. Pemain sayap itu mempunyai 26 trofi bersama Sepanyol, dan Arsenal kini mahukan khidmat beliau unutk menggantikan kehilangan Robin van Persie dan Alex Song musim dan mungkin Theo Walcott.

Song leave, Sahin will join Arsenal

Song with Malaysia XI player : Gunners in my heart Tiger are my soul
Thanks to Alex Song for your contribution with Arsenal. For me in frankly speaking, I love the way you play football in terms how you controlling the ball and challenge opponent. You have own skill I sure any player can't copied your skill.You are only one player can challenge Lionel Messi.I also can't believed that at Asia Tour 2012 was the last contribution you with Arsenal. Happy to see you there.Good Luck at Barcelona.
Song on twitter: @AlexSong 17 "All i can say now is that i am thankfull to all the Arsenal support i have had received with my last 6yrs here.I would be nothing without you all!
Arsenal have been strongly linked with a loan move for Nuri Sahin all summer, but reports linking the player have multiplied in number since it became apparent that Alex Song was leaving for Barcelona. Today, the BBC's David Ornstein reported that an initial loan deal for Sahin was close, with the possibi…