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Arsenal 'levenskracht' (spirit & life)

It was Arsenal 10th game of the season. And now supposedly we can already analyzed the top 7 BPL teams that is competing for the top 4 place and that includes Arsenal. & as said before in previous article, this is the time where the actual title contender can be seen, and who was that, dare to write off Arsenal FC as early as the 5th game of the season? (i am not literally saying that Arsenal can bid the 1st place, let's be realistic huh?) Well, Arsenal won 3-5 to Chelsea. What more can u asked? Rather than trying to cut off Wenger head this is the time to get back behind the team.

The team played brilliantly against Chelsea, and they have proved that it was not just a one off performance. they just never lost in the final 9 games in all competition, by fielding the most players from youth level to the 1st team squad in those games. That is how u build a sustainable football team. To have that continuity rotation is a hard thing to do, and yet Wenger has no objection to the pol…