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The Gunners; Stabilizing Moment

Lately, it was stated that Usmanov is trying to increase his current status as stakeholder of AFC. Indeed, that could be a distraction behind the BOD story. However that was not the case. Now, there are more n more urgency coming from every section of supporters + haters (i am not sure of y the haters are coming from every corner of the world.) about Arsenal capability in sustaining their status as 1 of the greatest football club in europe/world.

In recent games, though Arsenal n us do not get the result that we desired, there are much more positives value to take from it;

1. The gameplay is more direct with the additional of Gervinho. With Gervinho, Walcott is also improving on the other side with his aim to become a strike force, using his pace.
2. Arteta is providing the final pass of through ball that we were lacking in the final past few years since the Pires, Bergkamp and Ljungberg generation. Also a good provider in assist, powerful shot (that we also been lack) and capable in pla…