Arsenal 'levenskracht' (spirit & life)

It was Arsenal 10th game of the season. And now supposedly we can already analyzed the top 7 BPL teams that is competing for the top 4 place and that includes Arsenal. & as said before in previous article, this is the time where the actual title contender can be seen, and who was that, dare to write off Arsenal FC as early as the 5th game of the season? (i am not literally saying that Arsenal can bid the 1st place, let's be realistic huh?) Well, Arsenal won 3-5 to Chelsea. What more can u asked? Rather than trying to cut off Wenger head this is the time to get back behind the team.

The team played brilliantly against Chelsea, and they have proved that it was not just a one off performance. they just never lost in the final 9 games in all competition, by fielding the most players from youth level to the 1st team squad in those games. That is how u build a sustainable football team. To have that continuity rotation is a hard thing to do, and yet Wenger has no objection to the policy and trust in his own player to perform at the highest level.

In the final 2,3 games we'd see how Santos perform. well, he's actually not defensively minded one, but it just suits AFC to have him. he has that Nigel & Sylvinho-thing, a typical wing-back that could score dozens of goal. to have both him and gibbs (balance in defend & attack) justify the team selection.

Ramsey has just shown why he is the captain of Wales n why we should forget CF4. Many might forget how he played before he suffers the broken leg and Wilshere, made the breakthrough in the 1st team. The final pass was just so important and brilliant. Any combination of Ramsey/Wilshere/Arteta with the backup of Song (with Wilshere can always do the dirty job if Song not available) will always gives a threat to any opposition midfielder if their confidence and chemistry gelled well.

Per give AFC the new dimension of defending. He is slow yes, but the header and tackle is always his weapon to stop the opposition from getting through. Plus Koscielny whom are getting used to the BPL, and the returning of TV5, it gives a defensive and tactical boost to the Arsenal backline.

Woj. Szc, is untouchable. Sometimes too many rough decision, but that reminds me of how crazy was it during Lehmann era. Expect him to be loud and stunt as Lehmann in the future. His agility, positioning and everything is well behind normal potential of his age. He could be the one for a long time.

Gervinho-Persie-Walcott, nothing i'd ask more. Statistic for both Winger assist and pass to RVP is more than any other player and that is just the lethal weapon for our attacking threat. Gervinho with the surplus of his dribbling skill to get behind the defender, walcott with his pace and RVP with his improved right foot. Everything is well for now. Just hoping that luck will be on our side, since the international games and the peak months of novermber, december is coming through. No injuries, and we'll see Arsenal among the top 4 in England and Europe.

All those player i did not mentioned, does not mean they r nothing. Rosicky, Chamakh, Diaby, Jenkinson, Arshavin, etc, they will surely involved heavily with AFC this term as AW would prove that he do wants a trophy.

Now lets wish em the best against our UCL opponent, Marseille, will ya =)

-Writer would like to apologize due to less article produced recently, since moving out of Shah Alam due to work commitment. (I dont write if i wasnt able to watch the full game). -AcHai kiDaL


  1. we're slowly crawling into top 5. And yeah, we are improving. So, any opposing team who believe Arsenal is no longer a 'Big 4' team, I demand that you guys should eat your words...

    Just my 2 cent thoughts

  2. Dear achai, thanks for keep posting, really enjoy n appreciated read it's.



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