The revelation of emotional sickness running through the blood veins of Arsenal Supporters, Glory Hunters and Arsene Wenger. [Part 2]

Arsenal had lost against Liverpool just a few days ago for da 1st time on their homegrown since 1999-2000. It not a desired result, but it is a pleasure to see the style of play being shown by the Arsenal team.

Basically, since the emergence of young talent, our former captain, Cesc Fabregas, Arsenal team had been divided into 2 type style of play. The 1st team, under the guidance of AW had changed and played a lot more wide area, with typical change of Arsenal passing that concentrated more centrally of Cesc to make the final third passing, while the reserve team, under the guidance of Neil Banfield, still hold on to the AFC original principal, a hardcore battlefield in the middle of the park with entertaining attacking strategy.

However, i do believed it is only a matter of time that this team being integrated (such as...NOW, since the new boys, JW, Frimpong, Aneke and Lansbury played in the pre season (although the process for their integration was accelerated due to departure of Cesc and Nasri. It was another plan by AW that many do not see or care.

It should be reminded, on how AW used his reserves kid to perform of the Carling Cup for almost a decade. And they never miss either Semi, Quarter and Final during that time, except for last season when he opted to used a more experienced squad to face Tottenham and M.U. (which is also due to injuries), but still, there was involvement from younger squad member such as Lansbury. The young squad was able to demolished middle premier league squad such as west brom with Vela hatrick and what is interesting is that they are maintaining the passing pace such as during Viera , Henry and Co. Era. Unlike the Cesc team, they are a bit more relaxed, with little urgency to find goals. The reserve team though, is a little bit rough diamond, a brave one to winning every battle on the field, but they are eager to attack until lost their footing in defence. One of the fact that Arsenal was still able to keep ball on their possession is of course, Jack Wilshere himself, whom is a more direct a player a more dribbler himself, representing his reserve team style of play.

Even during Arsenal vs. Liverpool match, we played better before Frimpong being sent off, as he is a type of a good passer to make final third passing game (a bonus for defensive midfield). No one can blame Walcott because he just came back from injury, and everyone know how threaten he can be to any fullback of any team. As for Arshavin, he is not a typical provider, but he was given role to attract defender, opening up option to make passes in the midfield. That is why the percentage of him losing the ball is high. Miguel is another young talent, a captain from the reserve team trying to breakthrough the 1st team. The integration of reserve team into the 1st eleven will able to change the current formation into 4-4-2, or flexible 4-3-3 with their ability to keep and hold the ball with quick passing and attacking + defending pace. As for AW, even Sir Alex Ferguson has leapt to the defence of AW, claiming that it is ridiculous to axed him. The season had started and Arsenal will never find a better manager than him right now.

Arsenal is still a role model for football business. However they need to maintain in every competition such as UCL and top 4 in the league. After borrowing about £600million (2004) to build Emirates (£470m), Highbury turned into flats (£150m), we are due to be totally debt free by 2017 and at that time AFC can buy the stars you were craving for. However, the Board of Directors will always be the barrier since David Dean step down. Thankfully, AFC have among the best scouting system in the whole Europe. AFC does not buy stars, but made them. It will be an interesting fact to see the result of integration between the 1st team and the reserves team. But is all depends on their mental strength to prove their worth. The injuries problems is also causing big headache. Good thing is that AW will be on the bench tonight because UEFA decided to upheld their ban execution. So good luck in qualifying match tonight, Udinese vs AFC, Udinese will need 2 goals to beat Arsenal. =)


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