Denilson Buat Hal!

Mamat Brazil nie dh mula tunjuk kekecewaan dia kat fan selepas jarang diturunkan sejak Wilshere dapat tempat kesebelasan utama. Menjelang perlawanan timbal balik menentang Leeds awal pagi nanti, Denilson membuat pendedahan mengejutkan dengan mengatakan yang Fabregas tidak ada nilai kepimpinan dalam diri dia..maksud dia, Fabregas nie tak cukup bagus la nak pimpim pasukan Arsenal.

Mungkin ada benar juga, sebab kapten pasukan seharusnya seorang pemain yang sangat penting diatas padang. Tapi mungkin faktor kecederaan dan gossip perpindahan dia ke Barcelona membuatkan rakan pasukan perasan yang Fabregas nie hanya lah kapten Arsenal semata-mata, tetapi tiada leadership. So per komen korang berkenaan penjelasan Denilson nie??patut ke dia je yang Wenger jual tak pun, kena hantar Fabregas masuk kursus biro tatanegara bagi power sket leadership dia. Pa pun aku yakin yang setiap pemain Arsenal bertanggungjawab keatas persembahan Arsenal. Adios!


  1. The Brazilian had previously told the media he felt his side did not have a leader but the midfielder maintains he was misquoted and his words were taken out of context.

    "I want to tell everyone that I never said that Cesc Fabregas is a bad captain," Denilson told the club’s matchday programme.

    "I never spoke about him [like that] because I like him and respect him, as do all of the players.

    "I basically said that we have 25 players who should all take responsibility - I never talked about Cesc as captain.”

    Denilson believes there is no disharmony between himself and Fabregas and the 22-year-old feels the club need to pull together in order to mount a Premier League title challenge.

    “Unfortunately the papers like to change things. More important than that is to be together as a club. I respect Cesc, all the players and the staff too because we are all working for the same thing,” he said.

    "Sometimes the papers change a conversation and you never know whether it’s true.

    “I am honest though, and when I came to the training ground on Wednesday, before going to Leeds on the train, I spoke to Cesc about it. He understood and was fine.”

    Denilson has reiterated he is happy with Fabregas’s capcatincy but feels each player needs to adopt the mentality of a leader during matches.

    “This is a very young team, but we have quality, and we are in a very good position. Look at Chelsea – they have many experienced players but they are below us in the table.

    “Cesc is the captain, and I respect him, but I think every single player needs to take responsibility on the pitch too.

    “Me personally, I need to continue to work to improve as well. If we want to win this is what we have to do."


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