12 July 2010

Fabregas proud to be Arsenal player

Cesc Fabregas dropped a strong hint that his future lies with Arsenal after helping Spain to World Cup glory in South Africa.

Fabregas, who has been the subject of one unsuccessful bid from Barcelona and was reported to have told Gunners boss Arsene Wenger of his desire to return to Spain before the tournament, was a second-half substitute in the 1-0 final victory over Netherlands in Johannesburg.

The midfielder is expected to be the subject of an improved bid from his boyhood club following the end of the World Cup.

But the Arsenal captain has suggested that could now stay with the north London club.

"All I can say is that this World Cup victory is for all the Arsenal players and fans, they are a world-class club," he declared.

"I am an Arsenal player and proud to be."

Meanwhile, Fabregas has admitted that his first thought after Spain's extra-time victory at Soccer City was to console Dutch striker and Arsenal team-mate Robin van Persie.

"The first thing I had to do after the final whistle was go to Robin. Instead of celebrating with my friends, I wanted to talk to him," he explained.

"He has been injured a lot and if it wasn't us he was playing against, it would have been different.

"I just hope he has his chance again, because he is a great guy and a great leader."


  1. sib baik la jgk cesc x gi celebrate gol dgn van persie mcm salu tu..kesal la kalu cesc buat cantukan.. cnfirm kene lempang buta2 jer ngan persie.. yg pasti cesc akan pergi..bila? tunggu je lah..

  2. blah la fabregas..nk console bagai..ko yg tak sbr2 nk balik spain sgt kan..ko jd captain pon aku tak respek dah..bg rvp atau mael pon aku rela..buhbye!!

  3. yeahhh..nie yg aku nak dengaq,cesc mmg akan stay..tp sbb dia dh bagi kenyataan yg menguris hati fan,aku rasa dia dh makin ilang kepercayaan fan..
    tp pa pun aku suka player arsenal terlibat tuk world cup kali nie..assist terbaik Fabregas,nmpak Arsenal berjaya lahir player terbaik dunia..!

  4. mmg ler terbaik assist dia..n btol lu ckp seputra..ati peminat2 terguris termasuk aku..biar ar dia nk men ke tak..yg pntg gunner this season terbaek..

  5. sabar sab, akupun rimas gak dgn benda2 ni.. sememangnya player2 arsenal bergalang ganti..dtg dan pergi..cuma cara perginya beraneka watak dan cara..terguris,sadis, tragis, magis.. pergi dgn kenangan atau pergi dgn angan2.. kita kenang lah mereka yg pergi dgn cara terhormat dan lupakan mereka yg pergi dgn cara yg x bermaruah..the gunners x akan mati dgn ketiadaan mereka walau sehebat manapun mereka..itu yg pasti....


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