6 Players Wenger Should Consider Kick'n Outta Arsenal

Manuel Almunia:

Possibly the difference between us winning something and losing. The Premier League’s worst ‘keeper I think, he just seems afraid of the ball at every chance he should be saving. He can’t punch the ball clear, and when he does he only sends it to the opposition. He rarely catches a ball cleanly and when he comes for crosses, you better close your eyes unless you like seeing huge mistakes.

Verdict: Has to go.

Lukasz Fabianski:

Imagine Almunia, ok, now imagine 5 times worse! Now wake from your nightmare. Fabianski gets plenty of support from Wenger, but I see nothing to back it up. He’s rarely put in a solid effort, and when a keeper goes for a cross, there is no way his hand should extend as little as Fab’s does. A good shot-stopper on his day, but then again, his days are oh so rare.

Verdict: Has to go.

Mikael Silvestre:

I’m not certain if his contract runs out this summer, but if it does I hope Wenger doesn’t even dream of renewing his contract. The lad doesn’t know how to defend properly, and has been often caught as the last man back in the offside trap, leaving a striker with a free goal to shoot at. Not up to the Arsenal standard, in fact, not even up to Championship standard.

Verdict: Has to go.

Philippe Senderos:

Yes, he is still an Arsenal player, in case you had forgotten. But the fact he has been loaned out for the last two seasons means one thing to me, Wenger doesn’t have faith in him. So why keep loaning him out? Get rid of him or play him, is what I think. I don’t think you can just loan out a player until he suddenly becomes world-class; if he isn’t, he shouldn’t be at Arsenal. Simple.

He's crying Arsene, please let him go. Else we might as well cry!
He's crying Arsene, please let him go. Else we might as well cry!

Verdict: Probably will go.


This isn’t necessarily a must-go, but Denilson has to start acting as if football is his passion, rather than just an easy paycheque, because all I have seen from him this season is a few hopeful long-range shots, and a whole lot of jogging about the pitch, which is simply not good enough. Midfielders are meant to be up and down the pitch, he is constantly in the middle.

Can't he just fly away!? Just like that?
Can't he just fly away!? Just like that!

Verdict: Won’t go but should.

Carlos Vela:

Overrated would be the word I use to describe Vela, if I could only use one word. The Mexican has natural ability, but he just doesn’t do it for Arsenal. I don’t know if they play football too complicated and intricate for him, or he just isn’t bothered, but to me he just doesn’t seem to fit in, which is a shame.

Arshavin must be thinking 'who is this clown'? Infact two in  there!
Arshavin must be thinking 'who is this clown'? Infact two in there!

Verdict: Probably will go.

This would mean a major shake-up of sorts, but considering the club can register only 25 players for next season, it won’t be too bad, especially if some fresh & experienced players are signed. There are other players who could go, but I’ve tried to keep this to the worst performers this season.

Let me know if I’ve missed someone, or included a wrong'un up here; thoughts basically on how you’d want Arsenal to line-up for next season taking into account the players that we bring in. Keep Gunning for now..


  1. mana dapat post nih? rasanya tak semua 6 tuh layak keluar. maybe ada yang dua tiga orang je. yang lain semua boleh pakai lagi cuma tak diberi peluang.

  2. aku tak rasa vela patut keluar..macam izmal ckp,mereka x di beri peluang..tp player2 mcm denilson tu aku stuju la,sb dh byk kali main tp stil ximprove.. just my 2 cent

  3. tak brapa stuju..

    aku rasa yang patut kuar...Fabianski..Silvester...Sagna...Diaby...Rosicky...

    Denilson tak patut kuar lagi...Vela pun...

  4. sagna? biar btul reyes???? aku rasa patut blah dr ars fabianski, almunia, silvester n arshavin?? sebab dia dh x mcm dulu..(tamak n kedekut nk pass bola) n last skali atikah love fabianski tu.. kakaakakaka. vela kena stay!!!! -gun-

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    Up the Arsenal..

  6. beberape perkare yg aku setuju dan xsetuju:

    1)almunia -> dun blamming him like dat..haihh..even he is 2nd worldclass goalkeeper, kalu xde die, xde arsenal keep challage til no3 sezen ni..(kalu out pun xpe)

    2)fabianski -> setuju! better out!

    3)silvestre -> kalu xnk blah..jgn bg main 1st team lagi!

    4)sanderos -> tah nape simpan mamat ni. myb AW ade ati ag kot ngn die. coz die key player Swis?

    5)denilson -> no more 1st team! we got alex song! but dun go.need duirng team rotation..

    6)vela -> not more than a striker..da mcm winger je aku tgk lame3..xmcm top striker dah..(sugest out loan to other eng club)

  7. Bagi aku kan....

    1) Almunia - mmg patut jual.. beli lyon keeper hugo Loris.

    2) Fabianski - better out.. bnyk sngt kesilapan dia... bagi peluang kat Vito Mannone jd keeper no.2 . game awal2 dulu dia bagus... cuma xdiberi peluang...

    3) Silvestre - mmg patut jual... da xlarat dah dia tu mcm campbell... beli 2 lg defend baru... yg tegap mcm ferdinand and terry... anton ferdinand or ryan Ryan Shawcross pn better kot... any suggestion?

    4) Sanderos - ok lg... tp letak sbg backup defend...

    5) Denilson - pn should be ok... but sbg backup ngan diaby... mesti beli sorg lg yg mature... not age 28 above.

    6) Vela - Very intelligent player... kena beri banyak peluang kat dia.... chamakh ok... but Beli david villa... arsenal akan lebih digeruni.... winning mentality akan naik... arsenal kena ada sorang dua player sbg master leader... pembakar semangat kpd team muda... time player down mcm nk dekat end of season aritu... berturut2 kalah... mentality xkuat...

  8. bagi aku la sbagai fan gunners.. masalah utama arsenal sebenarnya belah defend n keeper.. itu je.. arsenal banyak sgt bolos tp dlm masa yg sama score bnyk.. rugi ar bnyk score tp bnyk bolos.. kene repair defend n keeper je sebenarnya.. bahagian tengah n striker dah ok.. bertambah ok lau dpt pakar header cm chamakh..

    1-Almunia- dia ni ptut kua je.. umur pun dah 32.. bkn penah dpt men spain pun. simpanan spain pn x dpt. arsenal kene amik keeper yg men ngn skuad negara masing2.. dulu lehman men ngn jerman. seaman ngn england. 2 yg mantap. senang cite almunia tak menepati standard sbgai 1st keeper arsenal

    2-Fabianski - dia ni jadikan keeper ke-3 next season. Leh aprove lg. Cuma kdg2 dia ni main cm x bepikir je.. manonne jdkn 2nd keeper..

    3-Clichy - serius ak ckp. ak x minat ngn dia ni. cross dia cam hampeh. season ni 1 assists je dr dia. kalo dibandingkan dia ngan evra perghh mmg berbeza. bg pluang dkt gibbs. gibbs leh score goal. tgk la dia main ngn under 21 england. clichy letak 2nd choice.

    4-vermaelen - mamat ni ok dr segi permainan.. tp kurang tinggi.. bdn pun kecik.. dia kene partner ngan orang yg lebih tinggi dr dia.. gallas same je tinggi cm dia.. kalo leh dpt tinggi cam hangeland untuk partner ngn vermaelen mmg sedap.

    5-sagna - dia ni ntah la.. sedang2 je bg aku.. bab assists dia memang ok lau nk banding ngn clichy tu.. tp dia ni agak keras.. lau dia leh drible confirm lg sedap..

    6-campbell, gallas, silvestre - xyg smbung da kontrak dorang.. beli centreback baru bdn n tinggi cm campbell..


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