Pakcik's View: Arsenal vs. Barcelona 7 April 2010

"On the unstoppable Messi..."

I hear and read a lot about the defeat of Arsenal againts mighty Barcelona. I admit that Barca is a great team, and with Messi on the team, they have been so special. There is no doubt that he is the best player and striker in the world right now. If you analyzed all the four goals and exclude Messi in them, i think all of it wouldn't be a goal.Some people blame Wenger's philosophy to not do man marking against their opponents, in this circumstances, i need to agree with that. I think Messi's performance on that match is the best, because the he almost scored all the chances given or created by himself.

"Where was the mistake..."

First, Arsenal didn't press Barcelona as what they did to them. You came to Nou Camp, you face Barca, you need to win the ball. You see when we win the ball, they came to us and they push in every way they can. Arsenal should be more agressive and hold the ball. Second,we should scored when they make mistakes. Barcelona use all their chances and score 4.If we did it the same way, we may score three. When we down 3-1, Bendtner header should bring the game back with 3-2. But, it didn't happen. I think it was the most frustating moment.

I know that going into the game with 8 players absence is difficult. You cannot face the best team in the world with more than half of your team is on the injuries list. We lose RVP, Arshavin,Gallas, Song, Fabregas, Ramsey, Djourou already. You start with Nasri and Diaby at age 22, Walcott (21), Denilson (20), Bendtner (20) and Clichy (22), and you nail Barca 1-0 with Nasri, Diaby and Walcott on the front. I think their achievement wasn't so bad. You can say that Barcelona lose some of the player also, but look at the other player they have. They don't lose much of the

"Most people don't understand what Arsenal going through..."

Arsenal is not a big club before, and just a medium club in Europe. They built a new stadium to compete with big players such as Real Madrid, MUFC, Liverpool, Barcelona and Milan. But,most people don't realize how much it cost to pay for the new stadium. It takes about 7 years to settle the debt. Honestly speaking, Arsenal couldn't afford to get a quality player into the team, because it cost a lot of money. Badly, we need to sell in order to buy and we need to sell also in order to settle some debt. We let go of Henry, Hleb, Flamini, Toure, Adebayor,and other player because the club couldn't afford to pay for their salary. So, alternative way
is to develop young squad, because economically, it saved you a lot.

"When Arsenal will get trophies..."

My simple answer, is when the debt is almost settle. I don't think Arsenal performance is bad compared to their rivals. By taking their condition, their young squad, money spend on the team,and profit they make, i think Wenger is a good manager. Even Liverpool, with so many experienced player, huge salary, and Benitez, showed quiet poor performance this season. Liverpool don't have so much debt compared to Arsenal. Chelsea perhaps, didn't have any financial constraint at all
and they still lose. United also the same. People can talk, but before they talk, please do some homework, because football right now is not only playing football but more than that.

"What to do next..."

We need some player to add some strength to the squad, on the front course and one in the centre back. Vermaelen did a great job but he need to partner with someone who really good. Frankly speaking, we did have a good player. Eduardo need to be released, because he was so lazy. If Arsenal could reduced their injury rate to 50%, they may have on the top of the league. We lose 6 points against West Ham, Burnley, and Birmingham. It was enough to win the league. I hope Wenger is given sufficient fund next season to strengthen the team. We couldn't afford to lose Fabregas to Barca. I know that he cost 50 million pound and you can get three players with that
and settle some debt, but we need player with heart and determination to win.

May Gunners continue to improve.


  1. mungkin faktor fabergas salah satu sebab, messi nampak selesa tanpa ibrahimovic

  2. tak paham bukan budak PPSMI

  3. budak..ko buat faham2 ajelah..jgn banyak bunyi..huhu..

  4. takder post baru ke kat sini..
    sama jerk..

  5. biasala..mood tgh xpa elok utk arsenal..update pun xsemangat esok gerenti update punye..tunggu..


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