Pakcik's View: Arsenal vs. West Ham 21 March 2010

"On late goals to secure a win"

It was another breathtaking games last night, and was a very tough one. I would
like to say that it just like every week, Arsenal do it the hard way. Playing with
10 people against persistance opponent like West Ham really challenging. I think
Arsenal is much stronger than last season.

"Red Card on Vermaelen and Penalty Saved by Almunia"

It was foul for me, but straight red card? I don't think so. There are contact, but
there are no shirt being pulled, hand over the chest, and obstructions. Yellow card
may a right decision, but if you analyzed it well, you see Maxi is easily fall down
into the box. It seems 50-50 for me because Maxi don't get the ball yet, but the
situation made penalty. Great save by Almunia, because i really don't think that
West Ham deserved an equaliser.

"Diaby and Denilson made great impact...."

It was a very smart move by Wenger in bring Diaby in because he was a dribbler, have
more defensive skills, and height to win the ball. He bring the Arsenal game back to
track. It seems that Arsenal haven't lost a player. Sometimes i see him flying over
the pitch. Arshavin should be more agressive and appreciate the opportunities. He looks
fatigue and lazy sometimes, and his shot also is not on target. Denilson do better on
the midefield, he defend, win the ball, and scored.

"Can Arsenal continued the winning attitudes..."

If they want to achieve something this season, they must be positives and i see them
going to every game with high motivation. In two weeks time, they will entertain
Barca, and it will be a massive game. Arsenal should be at their best at that time
and we'll see what happen when best vs. best.

"Hoping that United and Chelsea would dropped some points.."

As being analyzed by other bloggers in this blog, i'm also expecting that both of them
would dropped some points because they haven't face each other yet and they have big
game coming up. Maybe Chelsea have more time to prepare since they are out of UCL, but
in this stage, i think mentally they have a little bit disappointed. United may dropped
some points tonight. Chelsea may dropped next week against their main tradition rival,
Aston Villa. I believed that the most important thing for Arsenal is they need to keep
winning and it is not impossible they can win all the rest seven games in hand.

"On Arsenal made a great come back to the title race..."
I'm highlighting this topic every week, so far, i'm expecting something could changes.
It just seven games to go, and still, the title race is still wide open. It was a three
horses races until the finish lines, so let's see what will happen next month.


  1. pakcik..nice review as usual! great bro...


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