Pakcik's View: Arsenal vs. Hull City 13 March 2010

"On Arsenal's last minutes win"

It was a breathtaking games seeing Arsenal is escaped with a
dramatic win in the injury time. I congratulate Arsenal due
to their strong fighting spirit until end of the game. It was
a must win match for Arsenal if they want to stay in the title
race. Stay focused until the final whistle blow and believe in

"Physical presence by Hull"

Frankly speaking, i don't know that if Hull City really want
to play football because they like to kick their opponents and
pulled back their shirt, and sometimes do stupid physical challenges.
If you count how much fouls did they had, especially in the first
half, it was amazing. Arsenal should have a penalty when they tipped
on Clichy. Perhaps what Campbell did (the tackle) to the Hull striker
put a signed that Arsenal is not easily being bullied. Arsenal player
play with skillful football and at par beyond Hull's level. I think
that's why they should win.

"About so many chances failed to be transform into goals"

Last week we say Bendtner missed so many chances, this week we saw
Arshavin. I sometimes do not know what actually happen. Maybe Arsenal
player are much precise, but not accurate. Arsenal at least scored two
goals with Arshavin, but his shot is beyond target. Like i said
last week, if Arsenal want to win this season's title, they need to
win their remaining games. How to do it? Simple. Use the created chances
and scored goals.

"On penalty against Campbell..."

For me it was a penalty because there are contacts between them, but
it was already offside. Referree and linesman make huge mistakes. If
Arsenal just drew last night, how dissappointing it would be. The referree
is so lenient with so many Hull City's challenges declared no fouls.

"Can Arsenal win the league.."

It will be decided in the next four weeks. MUFC will have to face four
their strongest opponents, Liverpool, Spurs, Man. City and Chelsea. Chelsea
have to go through Spurs, Liverpool, MUFC and Aston Villa. So, i think it
will be another twist on the top of the table one more time. With all of
them also have commitment to the UCL, who can survived through the hard times
may win the league.


  1. keep good work pakcik...

    dh pndai skrg buh pic na...sejak pakcik ada dh bleh jadi dwibahasa dh blog nie,nice...hope makin ramai fan follow blog nie..

  2. pakcik ni mcm misteri ar..siapa sebenarnya makhluk Allah yg hebat di sebalik nama pak cik ni..

    mesti hensem..

  3. tu la...tak berteguq sapa kat chat box..

    tak pa...aku rasa pakcik nie tak kuar bertapa lagi nie...nnt dia kuar baru hampa tau...

    but Bendtner mmg hero to hero!

  4. next game versus west ham... another bogey team for the Gunners. tp x perlu risau sgt..sbb rekod kt emirates skrg tgh konsisten & membanggakan...klu kita boleh mng dgn jaringan yg besar...GD akan buat The Gunners dok ats Chelshiat...

  5. ala..pakcik..copy paste ape dehal...

  6. pak kareem... copy dari mana bai???

  7. copy paste wak lu..
    pakcik penat2 tulis ko kate die main copy paste lak...

  8. Pakcik cuma copy paste gambar aje..
    Yang content dia memang pakcik tulis sendiri..
    Ko carila dekat satu dunia nih yang komen dia macam tu.
    Aku cabar kau ni KAREEM.

  9. udah2 la tu..aku rase post tu mmg hak cipta pakcik.. welldone pakcik..

  10. pakcik! kalo berani tunjuk la muka! penakot! kuar ko!!

  11. Anon...dr hg suh pakcik tunjuk muka...baik hg yg tunjuk id hg dlu...takat pakai 'Anon' ja...hg lg la penakut & kecut...

  12. Mr. Orange of Hull has been sacked....padan muka. served him well....

  13. korang ni komen ke ape..
    cube belajar berhemah sikit..


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