Pakcik's View: Arsenal vs. Burnley 6 March 2010

Even though that i'm feel glad that we are snatching complete three points
last night against underrated Burnley, i still feel that Arsenal need more
to win the league title. I can't even imagine how many times Bendtner missed
opportunities to score. We should be at least 3-0 after 60 minutes of play.
Arsenal cannot afford to deal with that when this season getting tough and
tougher every week. If Drogba, Rooney or Ibramovich is given that kind of
chances they may score all three.

We need to realize that if we keep missing the chances, again and again, the
whole team will be frustated. That's happen and we concede an equalizer. Maybe
the decision by Walcott not the rely on Bendtner to score goals is right. There
is no doubt that Walcott performance is at par the best so far from him. He picked
up the responsibility as sole winger and attacking midfielder on the front with some
assists by Eboue. One thing i discovered that the penetration forces on the left is
a little bit weaker.

Refer to my statement on free flow football by Arsenal and why we are not so accurate,
I think that this season Arsenal lacked pure goal scorer after RVP is injured. Bendtner
aren't sharp enough, Eduardo lacked pace and agility on the front, and Vela,
is inconsistent. Most of the player are utility player, including Diaby, Nasri,
Rosicky,Fabregas and even Arshavin. That's why we always see that Arsenal playing
games with 'floating' balls. They like to play around and penetrate in every angle
which have spaces.

I agree that this types of football is positives and works against what we
called 'weak' teams, but a little bit unefficient when faced though opponents
especially when they put more physical contacts. This is proven when we see
how Arsenal is easily beaten by Chelsea and Man United at our their home ground.
Both of them played to win, and have high accuracy pass and shoot.

With 9 games to go, and the league tables is dramatically changes. Nobody knows
what will happen next. We can see MUFC is on the top this week, but it can changed,
for sure. If we can continue the winning momentum and hoping that Chelsea and MU
will dropped point. I believe they do since they haven't their big match yet.


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