Pakcik's View: Arsenal vs. Birmingham 27 March 2010

"On the draw results, and how Arsenal play..."

Strategically, i would like to blame Wenger for some reasons. First,
Arsenal didn't go all out, and it seems that they tried to save their
energy for Barca clash. Arsenal didn't chase the ball, they stay back,
and let Birmingham control the ball. Arsenal lost possession in the
match.It ridiculous. I think they should focus on beating Birmingham
to their knees, and fighting for three points. I don't think that
Birmingham would give three points so easily.

"On the awkward equaliser..."

The press say that it was Almunia flaws, but i think it was the team
mistakes. The last minute goal came in because we give too much possession
to them and we didn't put enough pressure to their players. We let them
play and create chances. We should kill the game when there are chances to
do so. Wenger should blame himself for his strategy, and fail to motivate
them to play more agressive. Last week he say that there are very small
room to make mistake. This week he demonstrate what he mean. How disappointing.

"On Arsenal title chances.."

After about 80 minutes of frustation, i see that there are something lack
on the team. I even see captain Fabregas and tough Campbell wouldn't be
able to organize the team well and motivate them. Some character is missing.
Perhaps you could see how MUFC and Chelsea give everything they got into
the pitch and bring the result. Wenger knows that next week, both of them
will play each other, and they will team will lose some points. So, he
really need to win the last night match. Mathematically, we are not out,
but it going to be really, really, really difficult.

"On either this match will reflect the Barca match's result..."

Psychologically, yes. We might have some fresh leg coming in, Eboue, Vermaelen,
Arshavin, but football isn't about physical only, mental strength and winning
attitude is required. It is good to make some preparation when big game is
come, but the strategy of being "save your leg" isn't the good one. Wenger say
that,"Winning the next game (against Birmingham) is the best preparation against
Barcelona...", but what he do? It was otherwise. I'm hoping that Arsenal chase
the ball and make chances to break Birmingham style of play, but it didn't happen.
We wait them to come to us, instead of getting possession.

If Wenger really knows how to beat Barca, he better do it this Wednesday. Or,
Arsenal will continue their trophyless cursed this season.
I'm still supporting Arsenal because how they play football and manage the club,
but little unwise decision bring a lot of differences.


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