Pakcik's View: Arsenal vs. Barcelona 1 April 2010

"On the fighting spirit shown by Arsenal..."

I was impress with the not giving up attitude although they are 2-0 down with the losses of
Arshavin dan Gallas. Bring on Walcott changed the game completely and give more possession to
Arsenal.Barca control the flow of the game well by keeping the ball and try to frustate Arsenal.
It is important to not concede at home, but what done is done. Walcott goal and captain Fabregas
penalty indicate that this match will be no holds barred. It was a disappointing fact that
Fabregas suspended for the next match and it'll be a huge loss.

"On Barca goals...."

Perhaps this is the first time i blame the keeper for both goals. The first one is just unforgiven.
Almunia decision to step out when there are no real threat is a very stupid and second class
goalkeeper action. The second goal is a flaw from misposition of defender, but as i said earlier,
Gallas absence weakened the defence a lot. I think Almunia could save the second goal, at least.
Because he was step down too early, and another second class goal keeping techniques. Ibramovich
take a lot of time adjusting his shot, and Almunia has enough time to be prepared.

"On injury list is increase..."

We lost Van Persie and Ramsey already, now Fabregas missing for next match. Arshavin and Gallas are
uncertain. Arsenal are really quite short right now. This time, i think they should rest some of
the player during the clash against Wolves. Campbell, Rosicky, and Eduardo can start against Wolves.

"On the second leg clash at Nou Camp"

It will be a very very difficult situation. They need to score goals and win. Another simple option is
scored three and draw. I expect Barcelona will play almost the same strategy. Arsenal shouldn't concede
at Nou Camp, and they must able to break the Barcelona defence more often. They should not give up
because in football, everything can happen. The only good news is Puyol wouldn't play. I'm waiting for
the next exciting 90 minutes in Nou Camp, and can Arsenal do it away from home just like what they did
against Milan two years ago? Or it'll be Barcelona will unleash their Nou Camp spirit? Nobody has the


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