Pakcik's View: Arsenal - FC Barcelona

" On the quarter final fraw.."

I think this is a first time i wrote about 'before'
the game is started. I've been gone through major
football newspaper in the world especially on the
latest Champions League final 8 draw.

There are mixed feeling about the draw. First,i'm
really glad that Arsenal doesn't have to face real
though opponents like MUFC, Inter and Bayern. Frankly
speaking, i think Arsenal got better chance of winning
against Barca.

"Whether Arsenal can win or not against Barca"

For me, it is a difficult question. All people know
that Barca is the best club so far in the world, but
it doesn't mean that there cannot be beaten. Facts has
prove it, sometimes, their performance is beyond expectation
level and lose some points in the Spanish League and UCL.

I think Barca style of play is quiet similar of Arsenal.
A fusion from European and some latin football style. That's
why i think there are space where Arsenal can beat them. But,
it's depend on how well we play on that day.

"Battle on midfield..."

This could be a key to win the match. Pep and Wenger knows
that team that hold the midfield could have better opportunities
to win the game. Barca has though midfielders, Iniesta, Xavi, Yaya,
Busquet and maybe you include Henry over there. Arsenal got Song,
Arshavin, Eboue, Nasri, Fabregas and Walcott. Most of the midfielders
stated above are offensive types. So, for me it'll be a free-flowing
midfield, less physical, but more ball control and player's agility
to create opportunities

"On playing at the Emirates in the first leg..."

I'm so relief that they will play at the Emirates first. Based on records,
Arsenal result's is much better if they play home first then away. There
will be less pressure and in control situation. Arsenal player can emulate
themselves to how Barca plays and learn what to do next on away games. I
think if Arsenal can keep pace with Barca, they have a very strong chance
to win the battle.

"There will be a lot of goals or otherwise..."

In quarter final stage with two most offensive sides in the world, i think
there will be less goal. When two opponents played offensively, they will
spend a lot of time chasing the ball than find space to create the goals.

"On result's prediction......"

This will be one of the most exciting game ever in the UCL this year. First
leg, will be Arsenal 2-1 Barca. The second leg would be 2-2 in Nou Camp.


  1. it will be an interesting and exiting game this season of Champs League...


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