Review Chelsea vs Arsenal

This week match against Chelsea would be crucial for arsenal, in term of mathematically ( to close the gaps) and
also mentally (how strong arsenal going to challenge for the title). By take the previous big match clash against MU,
i like to say that arsenal need to work really hard because there are so many aspect they need to improve.

Perhaps the best description on the last week match is arsenal is not decisive, cohesive and lack of discipline. We concede
goals from the lack of physical challenge (1st goal), caught on counter attack (2nd goal), and weak man marking (3rd goal).
We even will concede more, if Rooney find his target on several chances. The difference between us and MU is they use their
chances, but we don't. Arshavin should score at least a goal, because he got several chances in early of the game and also
one before half-time.

But, for this week matches, i really concerned about how strong and disciple we will on defending. Gallas, Vermaelen, Clichy and
Sagna is totally out of perform. I think arsenal have enough capacity on the attacking part, but we lacked players who can
get the ball when we lost them. Rosicky, Denilson and Song don't do that last week. I urger Wenger not to play Rosicky because
it is obvious that he is not effective as years ago.

My conclusion is very simple, if arsenal can defend well this week, especially dealing with long balls, high balls, and set pieces,
arsenal may have the chance of winning the game. When you concede, it affect the mentality of the team. Wenger should remember
that. Arsenal should scored when they have the chances. Chelsea players are physically strong and they have effective midfield. But
they lacked of pace sometimes, and rely on key players to score.

Wenger should marked Drogba for sure, and also their sideback, because statistics showed that Chelsea crosses from the sideback
commonly dangerous and may produce a goal. Just see how they scored against us earlier in this season. My harsh prediction is it
will be a 1-1 draw, but i really hope that we stepped up to win.

My line-up:


Eboue Gallas Vermaelen Traore

Denilson Fabregas Song Diaby Nasri


Writer: pakcik old skool


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