Pakcik's View: Arsenal vs. Sunderland 20 Feb 2010

Assalamualaikum to everybody.

It is good to see that Arsenal snatch three points this week from
the opponents who cost us three points earlier this season.
I'm quite impress with the confident of our player but, we lacked
of killer instinct to score.

We created so many chances and spaces but we couldn't score most
of them. If this continue again during the clash with Porto, we
were in deep trouble to win the games. I expect that Porto have
sharper finishing than Sunderland.

Frankly speaking, we should win at least 3-0 on this games. It was
so lucky that Sunderland didn't convert their chances. If they do,
maybe we just able to secure a draw. Defensively, we are a little bit
shaky. Gallas and Campbell wasn't around, may a reason why it became
like that.

We need to be sharper in converting the chances into goals. Bendtner
and Walcott doesn't look like a fine finisher like Van Persie. They
aren't sharp enough. Bendtner got height, but when the cross came,
he always behind the defender, so technically i assume he isn't as
good Drogba and Rooney in scoring.

Walcott got pace, speed but he could not shoot the ball properly,
and accurate. What a frustated games actually last night. The coordination
level of our players is below Chelsea and MU. Even though that MU
lose against Everton, i think they still strong. Chelsea is much stronger,
but they will drop points for sure, because they still not face
Spurs, Villa, MU, Man City, and Liverpool.

I hope that Gunners can reach their peak performance and maintain
their confidence. Man U performance this season wasn't as good as
last season. They also may drop some points later. I think if
Arsenal can maintain their consistency and win 9 or 10 games from
the last 12 matches, they can secured the titles.


  1. Aduuhh.... tiba tiba lak aku rindu sentuhan van persie niee~~~ Dah lama tak tgk dia merembat gawang..

  2. pakcik ni betol2 org tua ke?

  3. merisaukan juga bg arsenal krn mrk juga belum bertemu man city dan spurs yg dikhuatiri akan mencicirkan mata..dan utk jgka masa yg terdekat ini juga turut membimbangkan krn arsenal akan bertemu stoke di britannia stadium.. stoke sememangnya sukar utk ditewaskan di laman mrk..


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