Pakcik's View: Arsenal vs. Stoke 28 Feb 2010

It was a full dramatic match with nice ending for us. We need to win this game
so badly, because Chelsea is unexpectedly lose points against Man City. What a great
game between Chelsea and Man.City. This season's ending will be very, very exciting.
Everybody can dropped points anywhere, even with weak opponents.

I'm so happy we win today. We are suppose to win, with so many chances created.
I'm quite unhappy with Eduardo, he missed few chances. Defensively, i think we
did a good job, with Gallas not around. Stoke is a though opponent, and they fight
very hard.

To be able to come back after 1-0 down at Stoke is a great achievement. Not forget to
mention about the Ramsey's bad injuries. I'm really concern about Ramsey and Arsenal
team. There are are opponents who use too much physical challenges against Arsenal.
Remember we lose Eduardo almost in a same fashion. Red card is not enough.
Maybe you could say it was accidential, but through out the 90 minutes, Stoke
did put a lot of tackles. For me, it was not a football.

Now, we are only 3 points behind the leaders, Chelsea. With 10 games left, where
Man United and Chelsea will fight each other, Non of them have fight Liverpool so far
in their 2nd matches, Man. United still need to face Man. City, Chelsea will face
Spurs and Villa, i think the game is on. As i said before, if we can secure 9 win out of
the last 11 games, we may win the league dramatically.

Believe, and did not stop believing.


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