Pakcik's View: Arsenal vs. Porto 18 Feb 2010

Quality and Discipline

Good morning to all and Assalamualaikum.

Perhaps those two words are best to describe the current
condition of Arsenal squad. I think we lack quality and
discipline. It can obviously seen from the conceded goals,
especially Fabianski.Compared to the match between MUFC and
Milan last night, it was almost a same situation. United scored
when they got chances, but we don't. I think that brings different.

We got several chances last night, Fabregas should equalised in the
dying minutes. About the rejected penalty appeal against Rosicky,
i'm not blame the players but the referee make huge mistakes. For me,
even i'm the Porto fans, it was a clear penalty.In England, 90% sure
it was a penalty.

I delighted with the way we play, it was positives, energetic, but
we less sharp. Porto doesn't play too agressive, but they used their
chances. It was always difficult to admit defeat, when we was look
like to wiin. I think Arsenal deserves to win last night.

Next week, can be huge where it was a must win games for Arsenal.
Frankly speaking, i still got a strong feeling that Arsenal will
go through, maybe 1-0 or 2-0 win in the Emirates. Porto scored less
when they came here few years ago. I believe if we can maintained
the spirits and increased the level of discipline, we can make amend
next week. See me next week, and we'll talk about the results. Can
arsenal move further rather than semi-final compared last season's
achievements? or Porto will show us the exit door for us? Nobody knows.


  1. i still believe that we can go through to the last 8...we will finish & clean up all the mess we left at porto when we play at emirates next..Come On ARSENAL!! Come On ARSENAL!!


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