Pakcik's View: Arsenal vs. Liverpool 11 Feb 2010

The moment people write us off in the title race, some unexpected
moments occur and forced them to change their statements. I don't know
how to describe our win early this morning, either it was luck or we are really
deserved to win.

Liverpool didn't have Torres today, and it was very obvious that they
look less dangerous. N'Gog as first striker, didn't threat us as much as
if Torres in the front. Frankly speaking,Arsenal don't look really dangerous
on the front today. It was a great goal by Diaby, but i believed if we are
real sharp today, we can produce more.

Nobody expect Chelsea will lose today, especially against inconsistent
Everton after they have been defeated by Liverpool last week. But, in football,
they'll always a surprises. Chelsea performance today are not as good as
in the last games. I think it is strongly related with how they played against
us. They use a lot of energy, and physical forces. Maybe Chelsea player didn't
fully recover and they play more open today.

On Man United clashes today, i would expected that they will dropped some
points too. Villa is a hard team to beat in Villa Park. They are working so
hard and Man U is lucky for the deflections. I hope that those two top teams,
will be dropped points again later especially when tight schedule come up with
Champions League matches.

Arsenal winning today could be a new start of more consistent performance,
but we still need to deal with tough opponents,like Man City, Spurs, and
Stoke City next week, on away games. But i hope we will learn our lesson
how to deal with physical threat from the defeated against Man U and Chelsea.

Our defensive side is much better today, but not Clichy. He is not on his
best performances. I think he need times. Physchologically we are a little
bit up after the Liverpool games, and i hope that we will carried them
through the Porto clashes. They are a good side with very good defending.

With nearly 12 weeks to go,the battle towards the Premiership is still
wide open and Arsenal should never, ever loss points again, if we want to
make changes. It was a decisive moments,where all the arsenal players should
reach their peak of performances. I believed on the facts, that in football,
everything can happen. If Man U can win the title where we on 10-12 points
lead, why the same thing could not happen, because every team in the top
three has misleading performances sometimes.

This season conclusion is still a huge mysteries, and nobody can predict
what will happen next week. Arsenal maybe win, United maybe draw again,
and Chelsea might lose to Inter next week. We all don't know. Pay attention
because changes can take place even you just a minute you let your guards


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