Pakcik's View: Arsenal vs. Chelsea 7 Feb 2010

There are mixed feelings about the outcome of the match.
It just like watching different movies but same storyline
and characters.
We were beaten by almost the same fashion last week.
I've been highlighted that the outcome of the match
would depend on how we deal with long balls, set pieces and Drogba.

Frankly speaking, our defensive side is not efficient enough.
I'm not talking about the defender, but i'm concern on how we
defend. It's the same mistakes again, weak man marking, and
got caught away with counter-attacks.

Chelsea defend very well, and they use a lot of physical pressure in the games.
It just like watching an Italian club plays. I'm not saying that it is wrong, but
it makes the games atmosphere is not as fluent as we expect.

Although I'm pleased with the continuous effort and press until the 90th minutes but
it's not enough. What i can conclude about the game is our attack is not
variate enough. It was readable. We also lacked players who can run over
defenders and make changes.

We also lack strikers who have high pace like RVP and Arshavin is not able
to carry the burden himself. Although he is the one to blame for not scoring
the great chances in the last two games, the rest of the midfielders also
did not really sharp in producing goals.

With two straight defeat against two main title chasers, gunners chances
to lift the trophies is seems to be quiet unrealistics. I'm not denying
that Man U and Chelsea might dropped points later because they don't
have their big match yet, but it's going to be very difficult actually
for us.

If Arsenal really have high hopes of changing things around, maybe they
can start again the cycle with beating liverpool again, and be
consistent again just like what we did early in the season. But, give up
is not an options for Gunners. In the future, we need more quality and
capable players cause our players right now couldn't fight against
big teams.

Arsenal vs. Liverpool will be another great movies that interesting to
watch. Will it be the trilogy of the previous matches? Or will it be
the different story with more happy ending? Wait and see.


  1. we all hope for a happy ending when Gunners met Loserpool tomorrow!! 1 nil to the Arsenal!!!

  2. it's the only hope that left on this tiring campaign for 2010 opening performance.

    after this, i hope there's a light at the end of the tunnel.

    who knows? we'll never sure who's gonna win the titles anyway.


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