Ashravin Comments his team mates


  1. erkk, hangin lak aku sebab takde subtitle. ahhahaha. aku senang nak paham american english je. dah laa si arsahvin neh pelat. huhu.

    siapa most initiation tu ekk? bukan sol campbell sebab arshavin cakap "he said to him".

    dan adakah arshavin jawab soalan "longest in shower". dia macam disuruh jawab tapi aku tak paham ape respon dia.

    oh ye, bendtner punya fashion test mmg pelik. cam klakar je aku dpt tau die minat kaler pink. wakakaka...

  2. -Sol Campbell is "double like me" or, twice the size of Andrei. Which is funny because it's true.

    -Cesc Fabregas is slow and Andrei won't let him forget it.

    -Mikael Silvestre "looks smart and clever," but is he? Who knows.

    -Sol Campbell will not succumb to initiation rituals.

    -Andrei says he has the worst taste in music because he's the only one who doesn't have an iPod. A line of logic that follows neatly with his anti-Blackberry stance, because who is he going to email? Bendtner? "How are you?" Hahaha our technology is beneath him.

    -Bendtner is also awful at dressing himself.

    -Emmanuel Eboue and Bacary Sagna dance naked in the dressing room. Which Andrei finds hilarious.

    -He didn't want to say who takes the longest in the shower, but ... it's Jack Wilshere. His hesitation makes it sound weird. Probably best to stop there.


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