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3 point gap from Aston Villa

Setelah melihat keputusan kalah Aston Villa kepada Man City membuatkan Afham semangat kembali..We will be top 4 this season..Harap tinggi diberikan kepada pasukan Arsenal supaya fokus kembali supaya taruhan penyokong Arsenal masih kekal bersama pasukan the gunners ini.

Jaringan cantik Bentdner menggagumkan Afham dan juga Arsene Wenger untuk memberi keyakinan kepada pemain muda ini untuk kekal bersama Arsenal. Ternyata beliau mampu menjadi penyerang yang akan meningkat naik.

Good Luck Arsenal..

Result against West Brom

If they lose , we're only 3 points behind . Question is , will they drop any points againts Man City away ? Yes they certainly will . We would've snatched the uefa champions league spot if it wasn't for those dreaful 0-0 draws , but hey , we've got 10 more games to play , a maximum of 30 points to achieve .

On to the match , no disrespect to West Brom but we HAD to win . And win we did . Bendtner proved his class , Arshavin looked sharp and improving & the whole team probably gained a little bit of confidence after the game . We are now 14 matches unbeaten . The next 10 games , the aim is to finish 4th . Forget anything else , we want to be in europe next season . I know it will be positive thinking if we say why not just qualify by winning it this year ? Well , if only it were that easy . Anyways , as for now , we should really confirm our place in the quater-finals of the FA Cup by beating Burnley at home this sunday . They are tricky opponents , ones who also kno…