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Goal against Cardiff

Match Highlights :

20' [1-0] Eduardo -
34' [2-0] N. Bendtner -
60' [3-0] Eduardo (Pen) -
89' [4-0] R. van Persie -

King of DUDU

358 days ago , a cunt named martin taylor almost damaged king dudu's football career with a horrendous tackle that only got him dismissed . It was for the whole world to see that he had physically twist his leg 60ยบ to the side . Finally , after a year , his return has been much anticipated , and most of us would've thought that it would take time for king dudu to find some consistency , match fitness & some getting use to again . But that didn't seem to be the case against the welsh hooligans as we completely tore them apart , a complete mirror performance from the initial fa cup match at ninian park . the whole team played well , but tonight belonged to king dudu . we all know how much his brace meant tonight & it was the typical king dudu finish that we've seen before , placement rather than power , perfection in complete . emotions aside , next in the fa cup we have burnley who knocked us out of the micky mouse cup & this time at the emirates we will sho…

Dudu come back with victory

Walaupun terlena dengan mimpi-mimpi indah. Afham masih kurang lupa bahawa malam tersebut ada perlawanan yang penting yang perlu disaksikan. Setelah setahun dudu menghuni di pusat rawatan untuk proses pemulihan keretakan tulang. Akhirnya beraksi kembali dengan cemerlang dengan menghasilkan 2 goal menarik. Satu gol tanduk. Satu gol penalti.

Anggota serangan tengah tidak kurang hebat. Lebih mudah tanpa kelibat Adebayor dan Eboue. Mungkin player ini perlu di sell menggantikan pemain licik dan pantas. Van Persie tidak kurang hebat. Menerima lorongan dan shoot dengan menggunakan kaki kanan. Jarang-jarang terjadi untuk menyumbang gol. Namun semalam semua terjadi dengan nasib yang baik. Tandukan corner menyaksi kehebatan beliau untuk mencipta jaringan. Tahniah 4 Gunners.

Yaya Toure milik Arsenal

ARSENE WENGER’S long chase for Kolo Toure’s brother Yaya is set to reach a happy conclusion for Arsenal. Barcelona's defensive midfield ace, 25, is heading for The Emirates in the summer. The fee for the Ivory Coast player is thought to have been agreed at around £12million. His arrival will solve a long-standing problem for Gunners boss Wenger as well as bringing great delight to the two brothers. Yaya, who had a trial with Arsenal at the start of the 2005 season, has admitted in the past: “It would be great to play in the Premier League and to team up with my brother would be just fantastic.”
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