UEFA say it wasn’t a dive

Fan-fan Arsenal dan Eduardo dan juga yang berkait rapat dengan Arsenal berpesta apabila UEFA menarik kembali ban mereka terhadap Eduardo setelah permohonan Arsenal dan Eduardo diterima UEFA..

UEFA mengatakan yang mereka yakin yang Eduardo 100% bukanlah sengaja menjatuhkan badannya kerana mahukan penalti.. Dan Atikah nak ucapkan terima kasih kepada UEFA kerana bersikap adil kali ini..

UEFA membuat kenyataan ini.. 
“The UEFA Appeals Body today accepted the appeal lodged by Arsenal FC against the two-match suspension handed to striker Eduardo.."

Following examination of all the evidence, notably the declarations of both the referee and the referees' assessor, as well as the various video footage, it was not established to the panel's satisfaction that the referee had been deceived in taking his decision on the penalty.."

“Therefore, the decision of the UEFA Control and Disciplinary Body of 1 September, in which the player was suspended for two UEFA club competition matches, is annulled..

Eduardo yang gembira dengan keputusan itu dan akan beraksi dalam perlawanan menentang Standart Liege pagi Khamis ini berkata.. "I’m very pleased that we have finally arrived at the truth.. All we needed to do was to prove what happened and we have managed to do that.. This decision makes me feel a lot better.."

“I certainly feel relieved now.. I have had great support from my family, friends and of course everyone at the Club.. Now I just want to forget about this and think about our match against Standard Liege on Wednesday.. I was always prepared for the match in Belgium because I had good feeling and I always remained positive about the outcome.. Now we have a final result, I can now look forward to helping the team on Wednesday night.."

“All I remember of the incident is that as soon as I had possession of the ball I headed towards goal at full speed.. I was very close to the Celtic keeper and felt contact on my foot and then lost my balance.. I know perhaps more than anyone else that when you have contact at speed it can be dangerous.. I just want to say that I’m a fair player.. To score goals you must take your opportunities and I’m not the type of player who needs to be dishonest to score goals..”

Bekas pemain kesayangan peminat Arsenal pada tahun 1986-1992 iaitu Perry Groves memberikan reaksi ini.. "This makes UEFA look completely incompetent and it shows Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger was right all along.. He would have collected the evidence of every player diving in European games and would have demanded they were all banned.. It would have opened a massive can of worms and UEFA weren't ready for it.."

Frank McLintok.. Lagenda Arsenal pula memberikan reaksi ini.. "It probably makes UEFA look a bit stupid that they are giving out a ban one week and then reversing it the week after.. But I am really pleased with the news. He's been a model pro and never puts a foot wrong.."

"He suffered an horrific injury but managed to get back to full fitness and is one of the good guys in the game.. I am not just saying that because I am an Arsenal man but because he is one of the players who always tries to do his best.."

Ini pula ialah kenyataan dari Arsenal.. “We are grateful that the Appeals Body focused on the evidence and made the right decision in this case.. We were able to show that there was contact between the goalkeeper and Eduardo and that the decision of the UEFA Disciplinary body should be annulled.."

“We fully support the drive for fair play in football and believe it is important that UEFA provide clear and comprehensive standards that will be consistently enforced going forward.. We are glad to put this incident behind us and concentrate on the games ahead..”

Okey Atikah minta maaflah sebab x sempat nak translatekan.. Buat-buat faham sajalah.. Tapi apa yang pasti ialah Eduardo akan beraksi menentang Standart Liege pagi Khamis ini.. Dan Atikah juga akan cuba dapatkan reaksi Wenger dan beberapa pemain musuh tentang perkara ini.. Teruskan bersama Arsenal Malaysia..

Opss.. Sebelum Atikah terlupa.. Jangan lupa lawati blog Arsenal Ladies Malaysia untuk mengetahui keputusan musim 2009/2010 Arsenal Ladies yang baru bermula semalam.. Tahniah buat Arsenal Ladies yang bangkit dari ketinggalan satu gol sebelum menang 4-1 mengatasi Watford dalam Piala Liga..

Dan Atikah juga sedang siapkan post match Arsenal Reserves yang menang 1-0 menentang Stoke semalam.. Nak tengok post match perlawanan Arsenal Ladies dan Arsenal Reserves semalam sila ke blog Arsenal Ladies Malaysia & Arsenal Reserves Malaysia.. Adios!!


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