Pengadil memohon maaf kepada Wenger

Wenger akan menerima permohonan maaf selepas League Managers Association chief executive iaitu Richard Bevan telah berbincang dengan Keith Hackett tentang Wenger yang diarahkan keluar padang selepas menendang botol air..

"Although correct in 'law', it was completely out of context in the game and it was followed by the nonsense which followed over where Arsene Wenger should sit.. I've spoken to Keith Hackett and he fully recognises the situation was an error and an apology will follow to Arsene Wenger.."

"Lee Probert totally failed to manage the situation and created a needless pressure point taking the focus away from the pitch in a big event with only a minute to go.."

Sementara itu.. Spy Atikah berjaya menghidu yang Wenger akan menerima tawaran kontrak baru walaupun kontraknya hanya akan tamat pada tahun 2011.. Pengurusan Arsenal dikatakan akan melanjutkan kontrak Wenger sehingga 2015.. Di bawah ini ialah email dari spy Atikah tersebut..

“Arsene Wenger will be offered a surprise new deal, designed to keep him at the Emirates for the rest of his career.. The Arsenal manager’s current contract does not expire until the summer of 2011 and Wenger usually waits until he is in the last year of his agreement before renegotiating..”

“But the Gunners board are putting together a proposal that would see their manager – who turns 60 in October – commit himself until at least halfway through the next decade.. And essentially it would tie him to the club for life.. The board believe Wenger is so excited by his team of promising youngsters, he will sign..”

Selepas menerima email tersebut.. Atikah pantas menelefonnya.. Namun semuanya masih rumours.. Tapi jika ini benar.. Ianya sesuatu yang cukup bagus.. Di samping mengekalkan Wenger.. Kita perlu juga mengekalkan khidmat pemain utama kita.. Adios!!


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