Clichy buat pendedahan

Clichy mendedahkan antara sebab utama dia menolak tawaran Real Madrid selepas mengambil kira kegagalan Hleb di Barcelona.. Clichy mendedahkannya di dalam keluaran majalah Arsenal edisi bulan September..

Tapi disebabkan Atikah x ada masa nak translatekan dalam BM atikah copy je apa yang Clichy cakap tu.. Siapa yang x faham tu.. Buat-buat fahamlah.. Segala kesukaran dan kesulitan amat dikesali..

"It proves that sometimes leaving for another big club is not always the right decision.. When you move you have to be sure that the club really wants you - you want to know, not necessarily that you’ll be playing all the time, but that you’re part of it"..

"Of course it’s always a big challenge - I came from France to England and it was hard for the first year.. You don’t lose time as such, but when you go away you have to learn the language and a new type of life, meet new team-mates, and it is always going to be dif­ficult so you have to weigh up the positives and the negatives and when you feel you’re ready, then you go"..

"The first thing I looked at when I decided to join Arsenal was the sport­ing aspect.. I wanted to play games, progress and learn football, and I thought that Arsenal was the best club for me to do all those things"..

"I’m at Arsenal today and very proud of that.. I’ve been here six years and really feel good in the club and in life.. I know I’ve been saying this for a few years but I really feel the mood is right this year and we will do something"..

"It’s a big pleasure to be linked with places like Real but Arsenal is my club.. I feel really good right now and I feel like I’m far from done here.. I need to win more trophies with Arsenal and I need to give what the club has given me over the last six years"..

Ini pula tentang perpindahan Kolo Toure dan Emmanuel Adebayor ke Manchester City.. Dan Clichy tegas mengatakan yang duit tidak boleh membeli kejayaan..

"We knew that Kolo hadn’t been 100 per cent happy at the club for a few months, and it’s not the first summer that we’d read Ade was going to leave.. I think it’s a good challenge for them - if they can do well with a good team then it’s nice for them.. Of course people are talking about other clubs’ signings, but it’s like this every summer.. You have one team spending big money, and of course people will talk about them because you need to discuss something before the season has started"..

"But for many years we’ve seen that clubs can spend lots and not win any­thing big.. It shows you that it‘s not always about money - of course you can always bring more players and experience in, but I think we have a really good squad here"..

"If all these players stay fit then, with the addition of Tho­mas Vermaelen, I think we have a great squad.. And I’m really not saying that just for the sake of it - I feel that we have a good, strong team and we will show everyone what we can do this season"..


  1. antara sebab aku suka arsenal adalah atmosferanya sangat baik, happening je kan.. kalau tengok diorang macam adik-beradik.. fan arsenal pun matang, sebak aku tgk masa diorang sambut henry masa ArsVSBar.. aku sangat syg kelab ni..


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