Rosicky injured !!

Rosicky memberikan berita buruk apabila mengalami kecederaan disebabkan sudah lama tidak beraksi.. Namun berita baiknya kecederaan Rosicky tidaklah seteruk mana.. Namun masih belum disahkan sama ada Rosicky mampu beraksi di Emirates Cup nanti..

Tapi apa-apa pun Atikah berharap Rosicky akan cepat sembuh untuk mengelakkan Arsenal kehilangan ramai pemain.. Adios!!


  1. Dipetik dari arsenal analysis:

    Forget what the tabloids and other newspapers will have you believe.

    They picked on what came out of Arsenal with regard to Tomas Rosicky’s “minor problem”, married it with his absence from all the friendlies after Barnet and came out with their usual negative headlines about him suffering a relapse…

    The player on his official website has announced that not only is he fit but that Arsene Wenger has already told him (and Gael Clichy) that they will play in the Emirates Cup!

    "I thought that I would spend more time on the pitch (against Barnet) and then the two matches that followed I had to watch from the stands"

    “I was also ready for Wednesday's match in Hanover, but the coach decided that I, as well as Gaël Clichy will get a chance to play at the weekend in the Emirates Cup tournament” he said.

    He also indicated that the reason for his absence may have been connected with the heavy training schedule in Austria which may have affected him more than others due to his 18 month absence.

    "There is a difference when one has an eighteen-month break from football, even if he is healthy. We had intensive training, a few games then more exercises. I hurt all over. For four days I could not really run. We were so tired that we did not have the mood for any fun”

    But I am fit, which is the most important thing now."


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