Ray Parlour yakin Wenger akan cari penganti Toure

Salah seorang lagenda Arsenal iaitu Ray Parlour yakin Wenger akan mencari penganti yang sesuai jika Toure berhijrah ke Man. City.. Inilah yang dikatakan Parlour..

"It will be interesting to see who Arsène Wenger brings in if Kolo does leave..

"He's got service from a quality player over nine years, they've paid his wages and they've still made money..

"I think Arsène Wenger has been unbelievable in the transfer market since he first arrived.. He bought Nicolas Anelka for half a million pounds and sold him for £23.5million the season after..

"Nobody can knock him in the transfer market, but Adebayor has left and if Kolo Touré leaves you do need to replace him because the squad is lighter..

"He needed a couple of players anyway so I'm sure Arsène Wenger has got his scouting network all over the world to try and get the right players for the team.."

Atikah rasa penganti yang paling sesuai untuk mengisi kekosongan Toure ialah Giorgio Chiellini.. Umurnya baru 24 tahun.. Dan merupakan seorang pemain pertahanan yang cukup kental seperti Toure..

Atikah rasa pembelian Chiellini lebih berbaloi berbanding membeli Hangeland dan Cahill.. Harga Chiellini dikatakan spy Atikah lebih kurang 15 juta pound.. Atikah rasa jika Chiellini yang mengantikan tempat Toure.. Ianya memang bagus.. Adios!!


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