Wenger di Malaysia

Credit to Da Gun

Credit to bro Arai


  1. wahh meriah betul..dah mcm YB dah pakcik wenger ni aku tgk..jensen button pun dpt petak 13 ni.. tp aku plg terharu tgk sepupu dia 2 org tuu..ha hah baju merah ngan seluar ala2 x ikhlas je nk pakai.. he he tahniah kpd krew2 yg terlibat..

  2. aaaaa aku nk pegi saneeeeeeee
    jeles sialllllllll

  3. I also went snap for this Wenger pics,if u all interest to view,pls visit my site ,more than 300 plus foto.

    But first add pmtey2 b4 allow to view ya,cause my site set view by friends,u all just mention arsenal fans will do,I will accept u asap.Will upload some of the video clip also.


    Download foc..cheers !


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