King of DUDU

358 days ago , a cunt named martin taylor almost damaged king dudu's football career with a horrendous tackle that only got him dismissed . It was for the whole world to see that he had physically twist his leg 60ยบ to the side . Finally , after a year , his return has been much anticipated , and most of us would've thought that it would take time for king dudu to find some consistency , match fitness & some getting use to again . But that didn't seem to be the case against the welsh hooligans as we completely tore them apart , a complete mirror performance from the initial fa cup match at ninian park . the whole team played well , but tonight belonged to king dudu . we all know how much his brace meant tonight & it was the typical king dudu finish that we've seen before , placement rather than power , perfection in complete . emotions aside , next in the fa cup we have burnley who knocked us out of the micky mouse cup & this time at the emirates we will show no sympathy and tear them apart just like we did against cardiff . but first , we shall not give up in the league , hopefully keep on getting the 3 points and hope for the others (chelsea or aston villa in particular) to drop points , never know we might be able to fight for something . so sunderland at home it is . come on you gunners .


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